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Secondary School Fun Days Out

Travel back a hundred years to experience the lows and highs of life at the time. Everyone dresses as servants of the era first and gets busy washing, butter-making, collecting the eggs and general chores (more fun than work!). We have a spinning top competition – the steadiest and most balanced hand wins the day – and a chamber pot relay, where the contents must be kept in the gozunda or your team will forfeit the challenge!

We take a turn around the garden gathering information about the house and its inhabitants over the centuries. Hay ropemaking is facilitated by a real cattle dealer who shows everyone how he made ropes to tie animals at fairs and how he made homemade footballs and skipping ropes out of the cheapest material available – hay or straw. We use the ropes to mark out the ground for a “traditional” water fight!

After lunch everyone dresses in the finery of the period (we have hundreds of fabulous costumes) to become Lords and Ladies. We play hilarious age-old parlour games and do a Victorian dance – entertainment fit for our elegant guests.

Clonard House is located less than an hour from the M50 and only an hour and a half from Galway. 
The event lasts for 4 hours and costs €17 and we promise you will return to school with positive new memories and a happy, more connected group.