Murder Mystery at Clonard House 2018-06-27T10:11:10+00:00

Enjoy this interactive theatre Agatha Christie style super sleuthing event to solve the murder where you will join the Clonard House team of professional actors to solve the murder which will unfold before your eyes .

To get you in the mood, you will be accompanied by the Clonard House Butler to the dressing room (a very important and enjoyable part of the evening) to don suitable attire to partake in the evening’s events. Before selecting your costume, you will have been given a brief for the part you will play, so you can choose a costume to suit this part.

Your evening is interspersed with scenes performed by our actors, and some willing volunteers, clue cards and visual clues will be aplenty.  You will then witness the Agatha Christie style dismissal of the suspects unveiling the murderer.  The evening will be full of food, fun and mystery and you will leave with a souvenir of the evening’s script.

You and your team of Amateur Sherlock Holmes’ will be provided with some ​props, clues and visual cues to help you to solve the mystery.  There will of course be some prizes but you won’t know what they’re for until the end of the evening so be on your guard.

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