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Junior Cert. People in History Tour

Travel back a hundred years to experience the lows and highs of life at the time. Everyone dresses as servants of the era first and gets busy washing, butter-making, collecting the eggs and general chores (more fun than work and a wonderful way to learn of life in a big house at the end of the nineteenth century!).

We facilitate a very moving, interactive piece on the famine, led by the students, on the actual site of a soup kitchen.

We take a turn around the garden gathering information about the house and its inhabitants over the centuries. We facilitate a workshop on the changes in Ireland in the twentieth century led by an octogenarian who shares his experience of change throughout his life.

After lunch everyone dresses in the finery of the period (we have hundreds of fabulous costumes) to become Lords and Ladies. We play hilarious age-old parlour games and do a Victorian dance – entertainment fit for our elegant guests.

Roleplays or interactive learning experiences on any person or aspect of the curriculum from the late 17th to the 20th century can be provided. (The house was built in 1691 and remodelled to a Georgian mansion in 1801).

Clonard House is located less than an hour from the M50 and only an hour and a half from Galway. 
The event lasts for 4 hours and costs €17 and we promise you will return to school with positive new memories and a happy, more connected group.