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Clonard House is the ideal location for those big roundy Birthdays Parties. Having  your 60th Birthday Party at Clonard House will guarantee a fun day or evening out suitable for all ages (yes even children) with a difference as you take a step back in time to bygone pleasures … a delightful mix of downstairs busyness and upstairs posh.

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On arrival, your butler will assist you to don some appropriate attire to complete a few household chores, perhaps prepare a dessert, have a chamber pot race, set the table and light the fire.

All of your chores will be performed under the watchful eye of the butler, who will keep you entertained and facilitate a less than work like environment where laughter is the main result.

The dressing room is one of the favourites at Clonard House where both the Lords and Ladies will emerge bedecked in their finery.  The dressing room is one of the nosiest and fun filled rooms in the house as you step into your new gentrified role.

We have costumes for everyone, both servants & gentry as well as their children– and the dressing up alone is quite an event with laughter aplenty and we do have a wide range of costumes in all shapes and sizes for ladies, gentlemen and children!

Before dinner or afternoon tea our newly costumed gentry will adjourn to the Drawing Room for a selection of parlour games, a traditional dance and of course of few photos for the society pages, which we assure you will bring more than a tear to your eye (tears of laughter of course.)

We finish with afternoon tea in the dining room—where you have the honour of being the guests at a rather grand party.

Victorian Escapade is suitable for people of all ages and will bridge the age gap for your 60th Birthday party celebrations and everyone will leave with memories they are unlikely to forget.

Book-Now_03We finish with afternoon tea in the dining room or we can arrange dinner should you so wish — where you have the honour of being the guests at a rather grand party.

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